Mixing sizes – kids

In a previous post I showed how to mix two sizes for Filedfare baby joggers. The same principle applies to the kids’ joggers, but here you have to take your pocket into consideration as well.

Start with measuring your kid. For a trouser, the most important measurements are body length, waist and hips.

In this example I will mix the sizes 110 and 122. When you print your PDF pattern you can then choose to print these sizes only. I prefer to make pattern adjustments on the sewing lines and to add the seam allowance afterwards.

Size 110 and 122 before any adjustments

In the first example below, the kid is closer to 110cm long, but the waist and hips are closer to size 122. I will then follow the length lines for size 110 and the width lines for size 122.

The waist cuff is not affected as it is not graded in height. Therefore, follow size 122 straight off. On the leg cuff you follow size 110 for the height and on the width you follow size 122. It’s easier if you draw with a different coloured pen so the new lines are easier to distinguish, I have chosen a red colour.

On the leg patterns you do the same, follow the length-lines for size 110 and the width-lines for size 122. But, here you want to keep the waist and lower leg width as it is on size 122. On the leg you want to keep the size 122 width and move it upwards and then make a new inner and outer side line that softly goes over to size 122. The same goes for the waist, you have to keep the length for the waist. Remember that this needs to be done on the pockets as well. For the pocket notches, follow same height placement as size 110.

Mixing width size 122 and height size 110

The same principle applies if your child is size 122 in length and size 110 in width. And the same thing here, you want to keep the waist on the leg pattern and the leg opening width and move up / down them. Remember to make the same change on all parts, including the pocket bags and notches on all pattern pieces.

Mixing width size 110 and height size 122

I hope this info helped, good luck with your pattern adjustments!

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