Me Made May 2020

Soon it’s May and Me Made May! Will you participate in this challange this year and if so, what is your pledge?

I will attend for the second year, but in a slightly different way. Last year was my first year and my goal was to sew more. It went disastrously bad. Think I managed to sew one garment …

This year I will attend, but not with pictures of clothes that I made. At the moment, I live in my Fieldfare joggers, and posting a picture of them every day will be a little monotonous … My pledge for this year is to show how you can customize your pattern for your body! Or for your child’s or baby’s body. I aim to do a pattern hacks three times a week! I will start writing about how you can use and adjust my Fieldfare joggers pattern (which you will find here), then general fit adjustments on pants and then move on to other garments. My goal is to continue with this even after May, because one month is not enough to cover everything of course. But it’s a start and I hope you want to follow this!

Picture from the blog So, Zo what do you know

Do you wanna know what the Me Made May challange is? You can read more about it at the blog So, Zo what do you know!

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