I’m done! I think, almost…

Now I’m really close to the launching date and it’s so exciting! And above all, I’m so nervous. I’m used to take a lot of responsibility, I’ve worked at companies that produce a lot of garments that are sold all over the world and it was my job to get the fit right. But this is different. This is so much more personal in some way. And I could continue to tweak and fine tune everything for infinite of time. But now I’ve come to the point that I have to say stop to myself. Now it’s finished. Is it perfect? Most likely it’s not. Will there be typos? Probably. Have I done my best? YES. Can I do more? Sure, but not right now. The pattern needs to be tested by several people now and I hope to get feedback and then I can make updates. But I have done the best that I can and my test group has been such an incredible help! My mantra lately has been: “Done is better than perfect”. It was an indie pattern designer who said this in the “Love to sew” podcast and I’ve taken it to heart. Unfortunately, I do not remember who it was… Now it’s done and then it can always be improved over time. Because I want your feedback and opinions, it helps me to do better!

So tomorrow my Fieldfare joggers pattern for women, children and baby will be launched in Swedish! The English version is being tested and will be coming soon.

It has been a long journey. The idea for this was born 1.5 years ago and it was my sister who told me that there was something called “PDF pattern”. I had never heard of it. For the past 10 years, I’d been working in the clothing industry and barely sewed anything myself. But PDF patterns sounded like a brilliant idea. I wondered how many others also made and sold them? I started looking around the web, discovered some others, but I was still in good spirits, discovered some more and then I fell down the rabbit hole and found the podcast “Love to Sew” and The Fold line. I realized that this was not a “new” thing. I was kinda the last one discovering this… I began to doubt and questioned whether there was even any point in doing this at all. There are so many good ones out there already. But I still couldn’t let go of it and the idea of ​​creating something that was my own was too appealing. And PDF patterns are the perfect product for me. So, I had to give it a try.

Photo: MalenaMi

The journey has, as I said, been long and I later on I will tell you more about the product development process. Now I need to focus on getting my patterns online at Etsy.com. I will also have my own web shop here on the website in the future, but I need to take one thing at a time. First finish the pattern and launch it, then this website will get some love and attention.

One thing at a time. Still trying to learn that…

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