Pattern tester call for baby, kids and woman joggers

Update: The application for pattern tester is now closed. A huge thanks to everyone who’s appied!! I’ll contact you today or tomorrow.

It’s finally time to send out and test my patterns! I hope there is an interest out there to help check, proofread and try the fit of my patterns!

Baby joggers to the left and kids and woman joggers to the right

Fieldfare joggers

It is the Fieldfare Joggers for baby, children and ladies that are ready to be tested:

  • Baby joggers are in sizes 50-92. They have a wide cuff at the waist and cuffs at the legs. They have no pockets and the fit is made for the baby to have a diaper.
  • Kids joggers are in sizes 92-140. They have pockets and a waist cuff with elastic inside. The waist comes in two options, one where the waist cuff has gatherings and the other without gatherings.
  • Woman joggers are in sizes 32-56 (EU size). They have pockets and a waist cuff with elastic inside. The waist comes in two options, one where the waist cuff has gatherings and the other without gatherings.

The fit

The fit is “regular” for all three styles. The width at seat and legs are bigger compared to the body measurements. I will send out a size chart to the testers so you can easily find your nearest size.


The patterns are designed to be in jogging/sweatshirt fabric and rib at the waist and bottom leg. The jogging fabric should have about 40% stretch and I recommend a rib with elastin in it for better recovery (especially for baby joggers that have no elastic band in the waist). For the kids and woman joggers you also need an elastic band, 4 cm wide for kids sizes and 5 cm wide for women sizes.

Difficulty level

The baby joggers have a difficulty level of “easy” and the kids and women joggers have “medium”. The kids and ladies joggers have some extra sewing steps due to the pocket and elastic band at the waist. But, I have made an instruction with both text and pictures so that a beginner should be able to sew these as well! (That is at least the idea and I hope there is some beginner out there who wants to try and see if the instructions are clear enough!)

Testing process

If you are interested in participating in the test, please send me an e-mail at info@formgivningochmonster.se or a DM via Instagram. Write which model and size you want to try. On Friday the 13th of March I will contact all selected testers and send out the PDF files for the pattern and instructions. I will also send you a questionnaire about how you experienced the fit, the instructions, etc.

The deadline for comments will be Monday, March 23.

This is only for testing the fit, the PDF pattern, the instructions, the pictures etc. All your feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! This is the first time I have made a PDF pattern, so I really want your opinions! The test is not done for “marketing purposes”, I do not require styled images, posts or anything like that. You don’t need any Instagram account or blog to participate, it’s your opinions and experiences that I need. Should there be any fit issues I would like you to send a picture of it, but that picture stays with me. (If you take pictures that you want me to share later on through my channels and tag you, I would of course love to do that!)

I will create a private facebook group and invite all testers so it’s easier to keep in contact with you all. In other words, please also write what your name on facebook is so I can find you! It is of course completely voluntary to join that group.

As a thank you for your work and feedback, I will send out the completed pattern after it’s published. The amibition is to be able to provide reimbursement for material costs in the future, but unfortunately it is not possible at the moment…

Please help me spread the word to a fellow sewinst if you think they would be insterested! Your help will be highly appreciated by me!

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