Sewing tips for a t-shirt

Today I want to share a lot of links with you! I have previously linked to Johanna Lundström’s blog The Last Stitch where she wrote about sewing a drawstring in knitted fabric and I now want to share more of her valuable sewing tips!

Sewing a t-shirt in knit fabric can be done in several ways and there are many choices depending on which machine or machines you have or how you want the design to look. In my sewing description for Hazelhen Tee I give eg. one suggestion on how to sew the neckline and how to strengthen the shoulder seams, but you can do it in more ways! That’s why I want to share some (okay, found quite many) good tips that Johanna has written about!

A small addition to this tips! Covering the overlock seam with a band gives a nice result, but it also affects how much the neckline can be stretched, especially if you use a woven tape that has no stretch. I have chosen to make the neckline on my t-shirts quite small, so if you use a woven tape at the neck you will need to increase the size of the neckline in order to comfortably pull the t-shirt over your head, especially for the children’s t-shirt! In an upcoming post, I’ll show how you can easily adjust the neckline to the size you like!

If you like watching vidoes, I recommend her youtube channel! There are lots of great tips and other interesting videos there!

And if you want read more of her, I can recommend her books! I got the book “Sewing activewear” which I showed and used during a sewing course I arranged. And if you want to learn how to sew on a coverlock, she’s written the book “Master the Coverstitch machine” which I should read. I have a coverlock and at the moment I only sew “ordinary” hems with it, but it has so much more potential! So some day in the future I’ll start the cover-project!

And just to be clear and transparant, this post is my tips (I mean, my tips on where to find her tips …), so it’s not a sponsored post. I rather focus on writing posts about fit adjustments and pattern hacks and therefore I share sewing tips she’s already written. We have different strengths and those are the ones we should focus on! We have been in contact for some time now and helped each other on several occasions. For example, I have helped her with the grading on her PDF pattern Aila leggings and she has recently helped me finilize and “do a better structure” of the sewing description for my pattern Hazelhen Tee. I just love when small businesses can support each other!!

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