Pattern launch: Hazelhen Kids’ Tee

Hurray, the Hazelhen Kids’ Tee is now ready and launched! It’s made in sizes 92-140 (2-10 years) and for now it’s available in Swedish (the English translation will be available later this summer or early fall).

You can find it at my Etsy shop and it’s 20% off this week (until Sunday midnight, Swedish time, no code needed).

Size and fit:
The PDF pattern is in sizes 92-140 (2-10 years) and it’s a classic t-shirt style, easy to sew and you can use it as a base to do your own pattern adjustments and hacks on! The fit is comfortable and easy to move around and play in. The width measurments have plus ease compared to the body measurement (approx 6-7% bigger)

Sewing tutorial:
A detailed sewing tutorial is included where I show each step with both images and text. It is suitable to a beginner, but the description also contains tips that an experienced seamstress can benefit from. And as mentioned, it is only in Swedish at the moment.

Material Recommendation:
The fabric recommendation is a jersey or knit that stretches as least 40%. The sewing description and pattern includes a stretch guide so you can easily check your fabric. But the fabric should also stretch about the same on the length, ie at least 40%. If the fabric is stiffer in width or length, the fit may feel too tight.

PDF pattern
This pattern is created so that each size is in a separate layer and different colors. Both A4 / Letter and A1 are available as two PDF files. One PDF contains only seam allowance lines and the other contains both sewing lines and seam allowance lines. You can therfore turn on and off the different layers and choose to print only one size or several sizes and if you want to see both the sewing line and the seam allowance lines. The seam allowance is 1cm and the hem is 2cm.

Stay tuned here on the blog and I will show you some pattern hacks and fit adjustments you can easily make to adapt the pattern!

All photos are taken by MalenaMi.

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